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Church Life

There are many opportunities to experience the "church life." Such opportunities may exist where believers gather together to make connections, live their lives together, study the Bible together, ask questions, pray together, and experience what it means to be in community. Believers gather and meet in a variety of venues and do a variety of things. Some eat a meal together and study the Bible, others meet to read and discuss spiritual books together. Some are focused on campus; others on community. Some are great for families with young children, others fit better with singles. Being in the church life is a place where God knits us together. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what season of life you are in, there is an opportunity that will fit your needs!

The different offerings are somewhat fluid, so if you don't see a group on here that looks like it will work, contact us through our Connect page to see if there is a group that isn't listed or to create a new one.

Lighthouse College Fellowship

Lighthouse is a group of college students that gather together on the campus of the Ohio State University. These students enjoy fellowship reading the Bible, singing Christian songs, and praying together. Lighthouse comes together as a group of peers supporting one another and helping each other grow in their walks with the Lord as they go through college and beyond.

Young Working

Come join a group of young working believers as they journey into the workforce and seek the Lord in this stage of life. This group of believers come together to support one another and fellowship in practical ways of walking with the Lord in this time.

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