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  • Peter Elhardt


Updated: Jun 30, 2020

A new way to communicate For us who never met before. I'll share a word that's been saved for this time, I'll share and not be late. Turn, sinner, turn. Turn, ignorant! Turn wise and repent genius! Turn whoever from whatever Turn in to find the living one, Jesus Christ! OH triumphant! The joy of God and man with us. God's come to us. In man you are! Cry out! My spirit breathe yours in! My friend in twilight can't abide Creation waits as eventide Sweeps quickly over land and sea Makes good friends strangers. Who are we? Our habits, our activities, a hobby, life work, family our general necessities will never cease to fail to please Now please, return the pleasure is in Christ the Lord the darling of the universe Young man forget me not, young miss Remember thy creator now And spend on HIM your youthful bliss.


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